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Imtakt Corporation, Japan
Unison Series
Unison UK-C8
Unison UK-C18
Unison US-C18
Intrada Series
Intrada WP-RP
ODS Columns
Cadenza CD-C18
Advanced materials technology, USA
Halo UPLC & HPLC Column Fused-Core ®particle technology for hyper-fast and super-rugged HPCL Column
Ohio Valley Specialty Company (OV), USA
GC Capillary Columns

Polyimide coated fused silica capillary GC columns from OHIO VALLEY are bonded, conditioned, and pretested.  Each column is supplied with it's own test hromatogram and is ready for immediate use.

GC Packed Columns and Column Packings

Support coated stock packed metal or empty glass GC columns and stock GC packings available from OHIO VALLEY SPECIALTY COMPANY for use in a wide variety of gas chromatography applications.

GC Stationary Phases

Stationary phases for use in packed GC columns, SCOT GC columns, or WCOT GC columns.
GC Injection Port Liners

A wide selection of injection port liners for AGILENT gas chromatographs.

Ferrules, Fittings and Septa

OHIO VALLEY offers graphite, graphite/vespel, teflon, and vespel ferrules as well as brass, stainless steel or teflon fittings for a variety of connections or plumbing needs in gas chromatography.  Also available from OHIO VALLEY is a complete line of injection port septa for high temperature, low bleed applications or just for general purpose use.
Syringes and Syringe

Fitted and gastight syringes for all of your gas chromatography and sample injection applications.
Vials and Vial Accessories

Vials, Caps, Seals, Septa, Crimpers, and Decappers for all of your gas chromatography sample handling needs.
Miscellaneous GC Supplies

OHIO VALLEY offers a variety of gas purifiers, tools, glass wool, tags, tape and other miscellaneous items for use in the GC lab.
Chemical Products

Organosilane products, reagents, etc
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