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Sharp Scientific is the leading supplier of chromatography products like HPLC, LCMS, UPLC&PREPARATIVE chromatography, GC chromatography to clients from OVSC, USA, IMTAKT Corporation Japan, Advanced Materials technology.Inc.USA. Our wide range of products include all kinds of chromatography products like HPLC chromatography, GC columns & gas chromatography, vials, vial accessories, crimp seals, Syringe filters, laboratory equipments & accessories.

Our core experience lies in gas chromatography & organosilane production since 1998. Headed under the able leadership of our founder proprietor Shri L. Narasimha Rao, we have a dream team of technocrats with rich, varied and enormous experience in niche areas of Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry which conceptualized the formation of company, culminating in “Sharp Scientific Technologies” - incorporated in 1998 as a Private Limited company.

If you are interested to know more about any of our products, please feel free to place an order or contact us

Sharp Scientific Technology
has been designed to make finding and purchasing products as simple as possible.  To easily locate a product of interest, we have assigned our products by categories.  These categories are listed on the page that appears when you click on the " PRODUCTS" tab.  Simply click on the appropriate category to advance your search.  A list of products might appear when you click the category, or a list of subcategories will most likely appear.  Each subcategory is designed to narrow your search until your list of potential target products has been sufficiently focused to easily find your product of interest. 

For example, if you are looking for the price for a 30 Meter X 0.25mm ID X 0.25um OV-1 (100% dimethylpolysiloxane) capillary column, then you would:

  • Click on the " PRODUCTS" tab;
  • Click on "GC Capillary Columns" (the path will read "GC Capillary Columns");
  • Click on "OV-1" (the path will read "GC Capillary Columns > OV-1");
  • Click on "30 Meter" (the path will read "GC Capillary Columns > OV-1 > 30 Meter");
  • Click on "0.25mm ID" (the path will read "GC Capillary Columns > OV-1 > 30 Meter > 0.25mm ID")

Your search will be narrowed to a list of all of the 30 Meter X 0.25mm ID OV-1 columns with all of the available film thicknesses.  Just find the column with the 0.25um film in the list and click on that product number (130-2502). This newly implemented method of finding products you require is just one of the many improvements you may notice over our old website.  We are now also able to offer you the opportunity to purchase our products on the internet.  These improvements are just the beginning of our goal of making your purchasing experience at OHIO VALLEY a simple and pleasant one.

Deals with:- www.ovsc.com

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